11 Reasons You Need Tai Chi

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Do you find yourself wanting to be healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually? But you think it is impossible because you already have too much on your plate.

Do you think it would require too much time? Or that you would have to participate in too many different activities to get the job done?

Perhaps you believe if it’s any good, it must be way too difficult.

Think again!

Ever wish there was a fun and simple way to improve your health without consuming your life?

What if I told you there was? Would you be interested? Then read on.

Have you ever heard of Tai Chi?

There are people who practice Tai Chi just minutes per day who are happy, healthy, and still practicing well into their 80’s, 90’s even 100’s.

Taiji Quan also known as Tai Chi Chuan or simply Tai Chi is properly pronounced tai jee chuan. Translated as grand ultimate fist, Taiji Quan is a martial art that works with energy for health, healing, and self-defense dating back over 1500 years.

Anyone regardless of age or health issues can practice Tai Chi. In fact, I have healed nerve damage causing paralysis and survived cancer with the help of Tai Chi.

Taiji Quan provides for a long, happy, and healthy life by balancing physical, mental, and spiritual energies. Along with some Qigong, stretching, and meditation, Tai Chi involves beautiful low impact movements practiced slowly.

Here are 11 of the commonly experienced benefits;

1. Reduction in stress 

Our modern lifestyle can keep us keyed up. You need a break. Focused calm energy as opposed to distracted hyper energy. Tai Chi is mentally and physically calming.

Stress is involved in all disease. Disease is an imbalance of energy. For example, on the psychological side are things like anxiety and depression. On the physical side are things like high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. Stress constricts energy, but Taiji Quan balances the healthy flow of energy.

2. Improvements in vital health functions

As it turns out, relaxation is the ideal state for health & healing. Stress causes the stress response (aka fight or flight syndrome).

In a life-threatening emergency, energy is diverted from systems that are non-essential for survival to systems that are essential for survival.

Things like the immune system, digestion, health maintenance and healing functions and much more go off line.

This energy can then be diverted to things required for fight or flight. Quick reflexes and powerful gross motor movement for example.

The problem is today’s life styles can keep you stressed for extended periods of time. Any vital system off line for than a moment will cause health issues and eventually disease.

A case in point is the immune system. Whenever the immune system is not functioning properly, you are subject to getting sick.

Taiji Quan breaks up energy blockages and restrictions increasing the balanced energy flow to vital systems resulting in improved health.

3. Pain management

Tai Chi teaches you awareness of body sensations. You have sensations like pain, but when you see them merely as sensations of the body, you remove the psychological component of pain.

Pain is typically 75% psychological and 25% actual physical pain. This is why pain medications rarely remove all the pain.

The soft easy movements of Tai Chi feel good because they disperse toxic qi (qi is pronounced chee and means energy) while releasing your body’s natural healing energy to the injured area.

In addition, when you practice Tai Chi, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins reduce your perception of pain while increasing a positive feeling similar to that of morphine.

4. Conditioning of organs, muscles, tendons, and bones

Movement against gravity conditions and strengthens your entire body. Either use it or lose it. But as you get older it’s harder to vigorously exercise.

The soft easy movements of Taiji Quan condition your body in a low impact way. People of all ages, from all over the world, find Tai Chi beneficial without the irritation or injury associated with hard physical training.

Tai Chi also massages your vital organs. This improves their functioning.

5. Joints

Taiji Quan conditions and lubricates your joints through movement in proper form. This relaxes and opens your joints while clearing out stagnant qi. In increasing numbers, doctors from all over the world, are recommending Tai Chi for their patients suffering from ailments such as arteritis and osteoporosis.

6. Spatial awareness and physical balance

Accidents such as slips and falls are a major hidden killer of seniors. Within the elderly community, an untimely fall can result in a broken bone. This in turn all too often is the beginning of their demise.

Tai Chi practice with proper form develops spatial awareness and balance. This helps to prevent accidents and falls.

It also keeps you active and mobile which in and of itself is critical for good health.

7. Mood

Taiji Quan has a calming effect on the psyche. With regular Tai Chi practice, you will feel better while improving both your physical and mental health.

The best and most effective way to boost your body’s natural production and release of its happy hormones is with daily meditation and exercise. Tai Chi includes both.

So, the mind-body is interdependent. The mind will follow the body as the body will follow the mind. And Tai Chi improves both simultaneously.

8. Mental clarity

Tai Chi practice produces a mental calmness. With continued practice this mental calmness becomes more and more your normal state of mind.

In time you are able to stay in a state of relaxation even with chaos all around you. Like the calm in the eye of a storm, there is stillness. This is referred to as balance or being centered.

Think of a murky pond. It is murky because of all the movement. Sit there long enough without any movement of any kind and everything will settle. Then you will see though the crystal-clear water perfectly.

Now see your monkey mind as the murky pond. In stillness your thoughts will settle. This will result in mental clarity, improved cognitive ability, and better life decisions. You will find a natural joy without dependence on anything or anyone.

9. Assistance with mind-body healing

Tai Chi is an energy art. Once you develop a sensitivity to energy, you can direct it as needed for healing.

10. Increased lifespan

With all of the above it is easy to see how your health and happiness will improve with Tai Chi. It is among the very best anti-aging therapies. Combined with proper sleep and nutrition, Taiji Quan is the fountain of youth.

You can live a longer, happier, healthier life by practicing Tai Chi.

11. Deeper spiritual connection and understanding

Tai Chi is both non-movement and movement. The non-movement builds your lifeforce and the movement moves it around. In the center is you. Consciousness.

Beyond the distractions of the mind-body is spirit. Taiji Quan balances physical, mental and spiritual energies.

In this balance there is a natural connection to and understanding of eternal truth.

Harmony of the earthly and heavenly energies.

Yin,Yang,Harmony,Earthly and Heavenly Energies,Balance,Centered

The universe and everything in it are actually a manifestation of energy or qi. The sun, moon, and stars are made of qi. Our bodies are made of qi.

Qi flows though us and is what animates us. Our bodies could exist exactly as they do, but without qi flowing though us there would be no life. Our bodies would simply dissipate back into the cosmic dust they are made of.

Healthy qi flows in a balanced manner. Too much qi, too little qi, blocked or stagnant qi causes ill health and disease. Practicing Tai Chi helps to unblock and restore healthy balanced flow of qi.

Simply practicing Tai Chi will produce a psychophysiological balance.

This mind-body energy balance will result in good mental, physical, and spiritual health.

There is nothing your mind-body does that is not determined by qi.

Practicing Tai Chi also helps you develop an awareness of qi.

So, awareness connects you with the physical realm on a deeper level. How you project or deflect energy can be used to help heal yourself, heal others, or for martial application of qi as in self-defense.

Awareness is also how you connect to your spiritual essence and unity with the Dao or cosmos. These higher states of consciousness lead you to spiritual consciousness.

Imagine a world where every morning we all practice Tai Chi together.

You can start right now. 

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