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Spiritual Path

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Spiritual Path

A spiritual path is not actually a path leading to a destination. It is a way of life. The purpose of which is to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health while providing the ideal environment for spiritual awakening. The more we embrace the way, the happier and healthier we become. Last but not least, the sooner we will awaken. Below are 10 key points that will help light the spiritual path.

1. Nutrition

The human body knows what to do. Furthermore, the body will naturally optimize health provided it has the necessary ingredients. Nutrition is what the body needs to maintain and repair itself. Proper nutrition is the fuel of life. Either limiting or avoiding unhealthy foods is highly recommended. Our body is our temple along the spiritual path. One would be wise to treat it accordingly.

2. Hydration

More than half of the human body is water. Additionally, water is involved in every function the body performs. The minimum requirement for water intake is ½ oz of water per day per pound of body weight. Caffeine and alcohol both dehydrate the body. Water is vital for flushing out toxins. Finally, energy cannot properly flow through the body without adequate hydration.

3. Exercise

Our bodies need to move around. We require exercise for good health. The Shaolin Fighting Monks are known for their amazing skills. Still, most people don’t know how it started. Originally, the monks of Shaolin were only interested in spiritual matters. While dedicated to spiritual practice they lost the spiritual path. This was due to spending almost all their time in meditation. Their health had deteriorated to the point that they could neither maintain nor defend the temple. A traveling monk named Bodhidharma (Da-Mo in Chinese), visited the temple. Da-Mo taught them some health promoting exercises and basic self-defense techniques. These eventually blossomed into Shaolin Kung Fu.

4. Sleep

Experts recommend 6-9 hours of sleep per night to allow for proper recovery. Lack of sleep makes us more accident prone. Partially because of inadequate physical body function due to fatigue, but also due to mental fog. With adequate sleep we can reduce stumbling along the spiritual path. Furthermore, it’s hard to be around someone who is grumpy. Even if that someone is ourselves. The spiritual path is not one of sleep deprivation. Enlightenment unfolds when we prepare ourselves

5. Stress Management

A stress management system such as meditation is critical. If stress is allowed to build it will eventually manifest as disease. Any activity with a calming effect on the mind will help. A break in mental activity does wonders. Physical movement helps too. Exercise will break up and release stress. Exercise also releases hormones that make us feel better. Tai Chi is a superior health maintenance system. There are numerous health benefits. With regards to stress, Tai Chi is both physical movement and mentally calming. Consequently, it is often referred to as a moving meditation.

6. Attitude

Our attitude makes or breaks us. A bad attitude manifests a negative life experience because thoughts expand into reality. People commonly say things like this sucks. Imagine what thinking like that is going to create. Conversely, thoughts such as life is a great adventure will create a completely different experience. Marvel at the universe we live in. Life is wonderful as seen through the eyes of a child since they have not yet been conditioned into seeing life any other way. There is a lot we can learn from children.

7. Growth

All living things are either in a state of growth or decay. Growth is evidence of life. Learning new things keeps life fun and interesting. So find something of interest and explore. Take up new hobbies. Join sports. Try various art forms. Ask around. There are more than a lifetime’s worth of activities to choose from. Start with whatever sounds good. See where it goes. You can always choose something else.

8. Spiritual education

Seek to know the truth. Curiosity is healthy. It also helps keep us on the spiritual path. There are books, study groups, and classes for example. Perhaps attending church appeals to you. The internet provides access to blogs and videos. Also things like Facebook Live. Find reputable teachers. If they resonate with you put their information to the test.

9. Spiritual practice

Spiritual practice includes things such as going to church or meditating. However, spiritual practice also consists of demonstrating one’s spirituality. There are signs of spiritual awareness. The spiritual path leads to shifts in consciousness. With higher levels of consciousness comes greater signs. Some indications of spiritual understanding include;

  • A calm state of being
  • Objective observation of thoughts and emotions
  • Understanding life
  • Understanding spiritual matters
  • Projecting love and compassion in all matters

10. Spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening happens when we are ready. We can prepare ourselves by following the above guidelines. For most it will be a process. Each shift in consciousness prepares us for the next. Dedication to the way will allow it to happen sooner.

The bottom line

The spiritual path will differ for each of us. Spiritual awakening is however our common destiny. We will all eventually awaken. No one will suffer from spiritual amnesia forever. It is possible to awaken during this lifetime. We simply allow our true essence to emerge. There is nothing greater we can do for ourselves and for others. It is a selfless act. Collectively we all benefit with each and every awakening. Heaven awaits us!



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