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What Subconscious Mind

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What is our subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is basically our auto pilot. Yes, we have an auto pilot. In fact, most people nearly all of the time are running on auto pilot. We are generally completely oblivious to it. Hence, the name subconscious mind. We do almost everything with the subconscious mind.  And we are unaware.

For example, how many times have you been driving down the freeway talking with someone or singing along with the radio, and then realize you have driven miles and miles with no recollection of it at all. Who was driving the car? Your subconscious. Your auto pilot. Or how many times have you been daydreaming while doing some task you have done too many times to count, and then realize you have completed the task with no memory of doing it. It is as if you passed through some kind of time warp. You were daydreaming while on auto pilot.

Why do we need a subconscious mind?

The subconscious mind is very important. But the subconscious mind is like a computer. No one is in there. It does not think. It simply runs programs. The subconscious mind runs whatever programs are in its memory banks. Because it does not think, it is very fast. It is reactionary, a reflex. When a specific stimulus is present, the subconscious quickly responds with a specific program. Just like when a button is pushed on a computer. The computer will run a program it associates with that button. And just like a computer, because the subconscious does not think, because it only runs previously programmed programs, it is capable of processing large amounts of information.

Large programs and multiple programs are a breeze for the subconscious mind, but would bog down the conscious mind. The subconscious does all this without our focusing on it. This allows us to do more than one thing at a time. We can for example walk, swing our arms, chew gum, and take in the scenery all at the same time.

How do programs get into our subconscious mind ?

Some are hard-wired in, an instinct, something that our bodies do on their own. Withdrawal from pain or jumping back when startled for example. But most are learned. This begins in the womb. A baby doesn’t just receive nutrients and oxygen. A baby also receives thoughts and emotions. The baby shares all the same chemicals, hormones, and information with mom. If mom is stressed, the baby is stressed. Whatever mom is experiencing, the baby is too. This affects the baby mentally and physically. The baby is downloading all kinds of information while in the womb.

My wife Kim and I have four sons. While Kim was pregnant, I would talk to them. Each of our sons immediately upon birth knew who I was. When I would speak, they would react. They had been listening to me for 9 months. Babies are aware of what is going on inside and outside of mom.

After we are born we continue with this downloading. Children up until about age six are information sponges. They absorb everything without question directly into their subconscious. They are like little learning machines. As we age our programs become more habitual in nature. As we learn, we create more programs. But we already have many programs in place. And these programs determine how we perceive the world and others. So, current programs influence future programs.

The function of the subconscious mind

Through life we continue to add programs to our memory banks. Traumatic experiences tend to result in immediate downloads whereas most are more habitual in nature. Take walking for example. People in general don’t really think about it much. It is just something we do, and usually while doing other things. But imagine if every time we wanted to walk, it was like we had never done it before. What if we had to learn it from scratch each and every time. Coordinating all those muscles and balance, all the adjustments necessary for movement without falling. It involves so much information processing that walking would be sloppy and full of mistakes. Watch a child learning to walk. What if we were permanently in that situation. How much would we get done? How would it affect everything we do?

Fortunately, we do not have to spend life stumbling around. Our subconscious mind can handle all of the information necessary for walking in the form of a walking program. This is the function of the subconscious. Our subconscious allows us to be much more efficient and do things more safely. The more we do something, the better we get at it. We program the task into the subconscious. We program upgrades to the task as well. And then we do it without much thought. This is how almost all people operate almost all of the time.

subconscious mind-auto pilot-programming-conscious shifting

Corrupted programs

But what if we have corrupted programs? What if the walking program for example, had us walking us into traffic, into trees, or off cliffs? Well, guess what? The majority of our programs are corrupted. They do not align with our desires. Most of them we had no say so in. Yes, we actually had nothing to do with them at all. They were downloaded without our knowledge and consent. We downloaded most of our programs as children from our parents. Some programs are from other people. But don’t blame others. It wont do any good. It will only create more bad programming. We already have plenty of that. And besides they got their programming the same way. We have all been duped.

Some programs could easily be thousands of years old. Even the programming we did have something to do with was done though the perception of previous programming. And we have not even mentioned pop culture or the media – oh my! It doesn’t matter from whom or when we got our programming. The point is we have subconscious programming and the majority of our programs are corrupted.

The bottom line

Our subconscious mind has a lot of corrupted programs. Inappropriate programming creates inappropriate thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. They in turn create problems with our physical, mental, and spiritual health. We are prisoners of our mind. And we are completely unaware of it. This is the primary problem of mankind. This is the reason for most of the problems in the world. Our inappropriate programming is blocking us from transcending into higher levels of consciousness. If your life is not the life of your dreams, it is most likely because of your subconscious programming. No need to panic. That won’t improve the situation. It will only add more bad programming. The good news is that we do not have to live this way. There is actually a lot we can do about it. Welcome to Conscious Shifting!

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