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Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz

A story called The Wizard of Oz is a fun yet great metaphor for the illusion. The illusion or dream most people live in is contained within the mind. A special place in the mind called ego. While the ego is a necessary view point for living in the physical world, it is a false self.

Our story begins with a young girl named Dorothy who receives a nasty bump to her head. She is knocked unconscious. She awakens in her bed only to find her house picked up by a tornado. The tornado can be seen as inner turmoil. She and her house set down in a strange land. Especially relevant, it is through unconsciousness we enter the land of illusion. The realm of the ego.


Of course, we cannot identify with the ego without guilt. Dorothy enters Oz by her house landing on and killing a witch. The wicked witch of the east. Guilt transfers onto Dorothy in the form of beautiful ruby red slippers. Citizens of Oz called munchkins celebrate Dorothy for killing the wicked witch. And as a result, Dorothy’s separation from self and reality widens.

Dorothy’s emotions take over and she sees Oz as more real. Oz is in color whereas Kansas was in black and white. Divine guidance comes from the good witch Glinda when she tells Dorothy to follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road. It will lead you to the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. The path to enlightenment will provide Dorothy with the answers she seeks. Enlightenment is the path leading home.

Along the way Dorothy meets others. Scarecrow who is looking for a brain. Tin Man who is looking for a heart. And Lion who lacks courage. Together they follow the yellow brick road looking for answers out there. However, what would ego be without fear. Out there are lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Not to mention another wicked witch. Even worse than the first one. The wicked witch of the west. The evil sister of the witch Dorothy killed. I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too!


Finally arriving in Oz, the wizard is unavailable. While they are told nobody ever sees the wizard, upon mentioning divine truth the doors are opened. Oh, that’s a horse of a different color come on in! Truth exposes falsehood.

Later they are led through the emerald palace and into a special chamber where they come face to face with The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz! Smoke is billowing out around. The wizard’s large green head with an over sized brain hovers in front of them. Fire bursts up everywhere. A thunderous voice echoes throughout the chamber.

And what does ego tell them. To go back out there and conquer evil. They must destroy the wicked witch and bring back her broom as proof. After battling flying monkeys, they make it into the witch’s castle. During a confrontation with the wicked witch, Dorothy throws a bucket of water onto her and she melts. Clear truth destroys the evil witch.


They return to Emerald City and present the witches broom to the wizard. But there is a problem. The ego cannot save them as promised. The ego has no real power. It is all an illusion. Dorothy still believing in the wizard insists he keeps his promise.

There is more smoke and fire. An intimidating giant  green head of the wizard scowls at them. A very loud voice thunders You Dare To Question The Great And Powerful Wizard of Oz? As a result, they are all scared and shaking. All except Dorothy’s little dog Toto. He pulls back a curtain off to the side of the wizard. And there stands a little old man pulling levers while shouting into the microphone. The image yells Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!

illusion-ego-separation-emotions-truth-wizard of oz-conscious shifting

End of illusion

Too late because the ego has been exposed by truth. The illusion is over and they have a realization. First of all, there is no Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. Furthermore, it was all an illusion. Scarecrow has a brain. Tin Man has a heart. Lion has courage. They actually used them along the journey. Hence,they followed the yellow brick road and the path to enlightenment has resulted in enlightenment.

But what about Dorothy? The good witch Glinda offers more Divine Guidance. She says to Dorothy, you have always had the power to go home. But you didn’t believe. Just click your heels three times and repeat after me. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. Consequently, Dorothy clicking her heels three times brought an end to the separation. Guilt and fear disappeared. The illusion vanished. Finally, Dorothy was home.

The bottom line

The Wizard of Oz represents Dorothy’s ego projected onto the silver screen. When we listen to the ego, we are sucked into unconsciousness. When we identify with the ego, we separate from our true self. Rather than helping us relate to the outside world, the ego becomes a beast who seeks to conquer and destroy. Separating us even further from reality.  As a result, our attention turns outward. As we separate from self and others, we become threatened by the outside world. Consequently, we go to war with the outside world.

We start believing more and more in separation. Separation is an illusion and easily proven to be a falsehood by the problems it causes. We cannot find the truth out there because everything out there is a projection from within. The answers we seek are deep within. Everything we need is where it has always been. As we journey inward beyond thoughts and emotions we find truth. Our experience results in enlightenment.

The truth is that the threat comes from within. We live in a land of illusion because we believe in the illusion. Our thoughts and emotions, as well as our mind-body, take over rendering our soul unconscious. Convinced that the problem can save us, we remain imprisoned by our own mind. We will never be saved as long as we believe in the illusion. The key to freedom is truth. Understanding the truth brings an end to the illusion. The truth is we are already home since we never really left home in the first place.

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