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Spiritual Path

spiritual path,spiritual awakening,spiritual consciousness

Spiritual Path A spiritual path is not actually a path leading to a destination. It is a way of life. The purpose of which is to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health while providing the ideal environment for spiritual awakening. The more we embrace the way, the happier and healthier …

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Who is the Observer?

observer,consciousness,thoughts,emotions,spiritual consciousness

Who is the observer? Most people, doctors, and scientists agree that we are our thoughts and emotions. They claim there is no difference between us and our thoughts. Furthermore, some go as far as to state that any concept of self is just a sophisticated function of the brain. Consequently, …

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Lightworkers and Liberty

Lightworkers and Liberty, two dollar bill, signers declaration of independence

Signing of the Declaration of Independence Lightworkers and Liberty Lightworkers have been around since the beginning of time. They are old souls. Most have lived many lifetimes. While working on enlightenment they help others do the same. Their journey revolves around bringing light into the world. There have been many …

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