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Wizard of Oz

illusion-ego-separation-emotions-truth-conscious shifting

The Wizard of Oz A story called The Wizard of Oz is a fun yet great metaphor for the illusion. The illusion or dream most people live in is contained within the mind. A special place in the mind called ego. While the ego is a necessary view point for …

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What is Consciousness

human consciousness,consciousness,subconscious

Human consciousness vs subconsciousness Very few people live consciously. Typically, people don’t spend much time conscious of anything at all. Unfortunately, for most people, consciousness is masked by unconsciousness. Even the conscious crowd does a lot on auto pilot. Remember what the auto pilot can do. We can for example, …

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Evolution Of The Ego

evolution of the ego-consciousness-evolution-ego

Evolution of the ego has been necessary for life here on earth. People often get the idea that the ego is all bad. This is not hard to understand given the way spiritual teachers, psychologists, and others speak of it. The ego can be good or bad depending on whether we …

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What Subconscious Mind

aircraft-cockpit-instruments-auto pilot

What is our subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is basically our auto pilot. Yes, we have an auto pilot. In fact, most people nearly all of the time are running on auto pilot. We are generally completely oblivious to it. Hence, the name subconscious mind. We do almost everything with …

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