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The Myth of Satan’s Influence Over the World

The Myth of Satan's Influence Over the World

Is the belief in Satan’s influence over the world based on a myth?

When you see the Capitol do you see a dark mist hanging over it?

Do you see a veil of darkness over the world?

You are not alone. Most people agree that dark forces are operating in the world.

Does it seem as if demonic forces are at work?

Perhaps demonic forces are a bit much for you.

Maybe you just think mankind is evil.

Does Satan Have Influence Over the World?

Cultures around the world have somewhat different views about evil. But you would be hard pressed to find any culture or religion that doesn’t recognize dark forces.

Furthermore, many people both religious and non-religious will tell you it’s getting worse.

According to Wikipedia – Satan, also known as The Devil, is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or falsehood.

Additionally, a devil is the personification of evil as it is conceived in various cultures and religious traditions. It is seen as the objectification of a hostile and destructive force. 

While religions of the world believe dark forces are at work, non-religious people simply see some or all of mankind as evil.

So, are these facts or fiction? Is Satan’s influence over the world a myth?

In other words, what is evil and why does it exist?

Would Evil Do That?

So, are people really evil? And if so, is Satan’s influence over the world to blame?

For starters, are people perfect? Of course not. To be human is to specialize in imperfection.

But does human imperfection equate as evil?

Imperfection means we are capable of making mistakes. But mistakes are not the same thing as evil.

Not to mention, many of the very people the world tells you are evil have actually done a lot of good for the world.

Would evil unnecessarily do good or only accidentally do evil? No, because that would not be evil.

However, there are those who commit horrific acts against humanity. Serial killers and mass murders for example. No doubt evil, yet even these people are capable of good.

Case in point, some of the worst serial killers in history were thought to be the kindest people in their neighborhoods prior to getting caught.

Evil is the intention of evil, but where does evil come from?

Is it a demonic force? Could it be that Satan has influence over the world?

For that to be true God would have to be involved. And the creator of all things would have to be an evil God intent on creating an evil world.

And yet, look at all the good in the world.

We cannot deny that evil exists in the world. Far too much evil.

But at the same time, there is good in the world and good in mankind. So, the world is not evil and neither is mankind.

However, there is an evil influence in the world. But what exactly is it?

Satan’s Influence Over the World

Where do you see an evil influence in the world? In negative emotions such as greed and hatred. Right? Perhaps negative emotions are responsible for the evil intention that exists in the world.

Most people experience many negative emotions on a daily basis. Both within themselves and others. Evil is happening all over the world as reported in the news.

In fact, the so-called news networks are directly involved because they are knowingly deceptive.

Rather than reporting just the news, they are in the business of reporting that the emperor has clothes, when in truth the emperor has no clothes.

This is going on in plain sight and yet many people continue to believe they are getting the truth. So, the influencers are successfully influencing.

Still, are humans no more than lemmings going over a cliff?

And while deception is evidence of evil, who’s the influence behind the influencers?

Deception is the mark of the beast.  

And nowhere is dishonesty more fully on display than in government. Needless to say, Satan’s influence of evil over the world is especially prevalent in politics.

After all, it’s governments that punish and even murder people by the millions merely for their beliefs.

If not for the influence of evil, why would anyone want to hurt others simply because they have different opinions?

The Myth of Satan’s Influence Over the World

If God didn’t create an evil world and humans are not inherently evil, then where is the evil influence coming from? Because one thing is for sure, people commit evil deeds. And they do it often.

What if fear creates evil rather than Satan? What if Satan is a dark force caused by fear in the world and not an actual entity?

On a spiritual level there is light and everything else is darkness.

People like to think that there’s a lot of spiritual gray area, but that just creates openings to descend further into darkness. Hypocrisy for example, leads to oppression.

And people fear spiritual darkness. In fact, people in spiritual darkness are very easily influenced by fear. Usually with very little if any knowledge of it.

The Way Out of Darkness

The only way out of the abyss is to ascend into the light. That requires a major shift in consciousness.

Satan is a falsehood, but participate in the world as it currently exists and you contribute to evil.

Ultimately you choose your path. The way of God is light. And other paths will lead you incrementally down the rabbit hole into darkness.

Satanic is insanity or not of the right mind. It may start with minor offensives. But before you know it, you can fall under the influence of darkness.

One sure sign, those in its grasp will defend it feverishly while projecting hatred onto the world. For once you fall too far down into the abyss, you won’t even be able to see the light. Without light all you have to offer is hatred.

It’s all happening right in front of you, but do you see it. Or are you blinded by the influence of fear.

First, recognize that in an insane society only the insane will be considered to be sane. But that doesn’t make it right. It only makes it popular.

Secondly, anytime anyone is projecting hatred onto the world, they are under the influence of evil. Also, anytime anyone is intentionally trying to hurt others, they are under the influence of evil.

And finally, the influence of evil stems from fear.

Where Does Hatred Really Reside?

Those who are spiritually unconscious will not recognize spiritual truth.

Case in point, what will haters do when they have lost their target. Where will they project their hatred?

Targets of hatred come and go, but hatred is where it has always been. Within. How else could it be projected in the first place?

Something else about targets of hatred. The truth cannot conform to falsehood and so it stands out as a target for the hatred in the world.

Fear seeks darkness and attacks light. Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. like so many others brought light. And they were not only attacked, but murdered.

Spiritual consciousness will be ridiculed and attacked because it exposes falsehood and is seen as a threat to evil.

However, the attacks are not always about committing physical violence. They often come in the form of fraud or simply silencing the voices of reason and light.

Still, it’s all evil. Follow the light. Look for love in the world. Follow the greater good. Find the path that leads to salvation. Hint, it’s not of this world. This world is sick and dying. Don’t let this worlds psychosis become yours.

There is an awakening coming. Be part of it. Ask yourself, is this vindictive and spiteful? What’s the intention? Constructive or destructive? To tear down or build up. For the greater good or something else.

You have a choice whether to be ruled by fear or freed by truth.

You may become a target of the insanity and hatred of the world. But the question is, are you going to remain in lower consciousness or rise. Are you going to contribute to Satan’s influence over the world or bring the light?

The Devil Made Me Do It

When I was about 5 years my family was having a backyard picnic with some of our friends. A Mormon family from down the street.

They were a very devote Mormon family. I remember the parents didn’t even drink coffee or tea.

Everything was going great until I blurted out a few F Bombs.

You should have seen the looks on their faces. It was like a cartoon; you know where their eyes bulge out and steam blasts out of their ears.

So, my mom snatches me up, drags me into the garage, and starts washing my mouth out with soap.

I didn’t really know what I had done, just that everyone else was freaking out. And unfortunately, I decided to start screaming “the devil made me do it!!!” “the devil made me do it!!!”

Understand that my brother, sister and I played with those kids every day. They were our ages and we got along great.

But let me tell you, that family left skid marks trying to get out of our backyard.

Darkness wasn’t outside me. I was influenced by Satan. Darkness was inside me.

I had heard some older kids using that language, absorbed it, and wanted to try it out. You know, to be cool like the big kids.

Somewhat innocent. But that’s how you get sucked in. The question then becomes, do you go in further or rise above.

You Always Have a Choice

The truth is that which never changes. Only falsehood can change.

Ask spirit to show you the light so that you can become a beacon of light onto the world.

Hold your spiritual center rather than slip further into the abyss. Heal rather than remain sick.

Awaken. What’s in your heart and soul. What are you projecting onto others?

You can exploit imperfection and manufacture a false narrative by focusing on the negative. You can keep repeating the lie, trying to convince yourself and other people to believe the lie.

But if who you are depends in any way on anything of this world, then you are living a lie. And you are under the influence.

Fear is contagious, and like a virus it inflicts others. But Satan is not a horned beast. Nor does Satan condemn as many souls as possible to eternal hell by tempting them into sin.

People are not evil and neither is the world. Satan’s influence over the world is a myth. Fear is the culprit, for fear is the dark force operating in the world.

You do not fear God, rather the separation from God. Also known as spiritual darkness or identification with your ego.

And in believing you have separated from God fear takes you over.

Moreover, it is under the influence of fear that all evil becomes possible. Hence, the dark force.

But you can always choose to be truth and bring a positive influence to the world. You can choose to be an earth angel.

The world will tell you to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. Better to pay no attention to the evil influence that man behind the curtain is projecting.

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