Spiritual Consciousness

How to Remain Calm in a Crisis

how to remain calm in a crisis, remain spiritually centered

Have you ever wished that you knew how to remain calm in a crisis? Well, you are not alone. Not so surprisingly, many people find it quite difficult to remain calm in a crisis. However, with the following you can. So, let’s shine some light into the darkness. I’m sure …

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Lightworkers and Liberty – What You Need to Know

Lightworkers and Liberty, two dollar bill, signers declaration of independence

Are you aware of the spiritual basis upon which America is founded? Did you know that Lightworkers of Liberty were at the signing of the Declaration of Independence? In fact, lightworkers have been around since the beginning of time. While working on enlightenment they help others do the same. For …

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The Great Spiritual Hoax: Why Traditional Religious Teachings Will Never Lead to Salvation

why traditional religious teachings will never lead to salvation

You practice religion or some form of spirituality because you want salvation. Right? You’re looking for peace of mind and a place in heaven. Perhaps you are dedicated to it. You may even live a very disciplined life in hopes of earning salvation. You follow all the rules during this …

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Why Science Will Always Fail to Explain Higher Consciousness

why science will always fail to explain higher consciousness

Would it surprise you to find out that very few people understand higher consciousness? If you are like most people, you probably think higher consciousness has something to do with being awake rather than asleep. Perhaps you think that deep thought is involved or that the smarter you are the …

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3 Things Only Spiritual People Understand

things only spiritual people understand

Do you struggle to live a happy life? Are you stressed out a lot of the time? Does life seem chaotic? These are common problems. But they don’t need to be. Ever notice how some people are almost always calm and content? That their general state is one of happiness, …

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How to Get into Heaven Without Going to Church

getting into heaven without going to church

If you have found a church you like, especially if attending that church is helping you on your spiritual journey, then, this article may not be for you. However, if you’re uncomfortable with church because you find church lacking, then read on. Perhaps you see through misperceptions in the teachings …

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