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Fear-Driven Worldviews Exposed

Fear-Driven Worldviews Exposed

Have you noticed how much news and social media focus on negativity? Especially when they can find what they presume to be evidence of impending doom, such as the upcoming eclipse. Do you wonder why so many paint pictures of the world’s end? Then read Fear-Driven Worldviews Exposed.

The end of the world is described as everything from God destroying the earth to natural disasters destroying humanity.

We are taught to expect natural disasters, famine, and disease. Reports indicate that a majority now believe World War Three is approaching quickly.

Still, others blame dark forces and the antichrist, believing that Satan has taken over.

What do all these have in common? Fear!

There is fear of each other, fear of the future, and even fear of God. We are conditioned to view something as glorious as Jesus’s return as a fearful event. These are all fear-driven worldviews exposed.

Has fear ever stopped anything? No! More to the point, fear manifests problems and intensifies them.

Fear creates dark and demonic forces. Fear is false beliefs, and false beliefs can possess you. You then work unconsciously towards evil.

Long before humans walked the earth, natural disasters occurred regularly. It’s smart to be prepared with food, water, and such for when disaster strikes. Food scarcity can result from extreme weather like drought and hurricanes or man-made disasters like terrorism and warfare.

However, preparing for massive disasters is difficult and sometimes impossible because of worldwide hysteria. So, don’t get fanatical about it. What will be will be, and all you can do is remain spiritually centered. Acting out of fear will only add to the problems.

The recent pandemic exemplifies how fast fear can spread and dominate consciousness.  Many people have lost all faith in the ability and integrity of world leaders, and for good reason.

Additionally, when you have spiritually unconscious world leaders, their fear is seen as a weakness and an open invitation to wreak havoc on the world by those who dwell in dark places. This is in full display on the world stage.

And as for the antichrist, dark forces and, yes, even the antichrist are nothing more than manifestations of extreme identification with ego.

Many believe that taking the number of the beast is inevitable, given the direction of world governments. They may have a point, but consider this: going along with evil thinking or doing the work of evil governments isn’t any less evil than taking the number 666 on your forehead or hand.

So, what can you do?

Are your thoughts and actions inclusive and loving or divisive and fearful? No matter the circumstances, remain spiritually centered. Align with God, the all-knowing eternal consciousness; what is there to fear? Do you fear eternal, unconditional love? Of course not! So, as a matter of fact, you understand the fear-driven worldviews exposed.

Be authentic, and don’t get sucked into the toxic energy of the spiritually unconscious. To put a positive spin on it, the end times, as it’s known, are also the beginning of Heaven on Earth.

But even that is an expectation of positive thinking within the physical realm. It’s far better than negative thinking but still falls short of spiritual consciousness. Expectations are ego-based, and whether judged good or bad, when expectations are not met, they lead to despair, which is a misalignment with the divine.

So, the issue at hand is do you align with ego or God?

If you want to watch the signs of nature, such as an eclipse, let them be signs to remind you to align with the great spirit. Be grateful. There is a divine process unfolding. Many horrific events must unfold for the spiritually unconscious to have the opportunity to rise into spiritual consciousness.

The spiritually unconscious tries to make what happens and doesn’t happen conform to their will, expecting it to solve all their problems. However, limited consciousness can only produce limited results.

Those with no spiritual beliefs look to science for an answer. But worshipping technology will not result in the answer, either.

Consequently, they both miss the entire point. This reality is a manifestation of our collective consciousness. And there you have it, fear-driven worldviews exposed. Exposed because all they are is fear, deep within our collective consciousness. That is, until we manifest them into reality. Therefore, humanity must rise in consciousness.

It will not be the result of God destroying the Earth. Nor will it be the result of Jesus coming back and kicking ass. Christ is a level of consciousness humanity must rise to. Jesus showed us how. And, when we live our lives through that Consciousness, we will manifest Heaven on Earth.

So, the answer is not out there. It is not contained in an eclipse, a world leader, sacred scriptures, or a scientific discovery. They can only remind us how we must align with the divine process.

Ultimately, we will be the ones who will create Heaven on Earth. What’s going on out there is a projection of what’s going on in here.

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