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How to Find What You’re Searching For

how to find what you're searching for

Do you wish you knew how to find what you’re searching for?

2020 has turned out to be one hell of a year. Hell of course being the key word.

But, now it’s all just in the shadows of the past. Or is it?

So, what does it all mean?  Are you feeling a little lost? Perhaps out of balance or off center?

Because otherwise it wouldn’t really matter what’s going on. Would it?

I mean, you may not like it, but you would understand everything is as it should be. And therefore, you would be OK with it. Right?

My guess is that many of you are not in any way OK with it.

First, I understand that completely.

May I suggest there is a reason why? May I also suggest that I know the reason why?

I would say you’re searching for something in life, but you haven’t found it yet. What’s more, the following will help.

Stop Searching in Darkness If You Want to Find What You’re Searching For

During the dark of night there is something to remember, light is coming at the end. It is futile to search for light in the darkness.

But that is exactly what we do through distractions and addictions.

As a coping mechanism people often form addictions. However, addictions always fail because they don’t actually address the problem. Addictions only cover up problems temporarily.

Sooner or later, you are right back at square one. And usually, you are worse for the wear and tear.

Serial relationships and substance abuse are quite common addiction type coping mechanisms. They also leave a trail of destruction in their paths.

A common distraction is deflection. For example, finding faults in others to distract from your own faults. These faults generally arise from emotional trauma of some sort.

But finding fault in others and aggressively pointing it out is hurtful. It only results in piling trauma on top of trauma.

There are endless examples we could discuss, but anything that distracts you from your problems is not solving your problems nor anyone else’s. It is simply an endless search without finding.

Light is not found in darkness, light illuminates’ darkness.

Stop Searching with Other People’s Eyes

Putting yourself in other people’s shoes or seeing through their eyes is empathy. Empathy is good for being compassionate when dealing with others. But you need to use your eyes when dealing with you.

Only through your eyes can you see into your soul. And this is critical to find what you’re searching for.

Other people’s eyes may prove useful for understanding them. But as for you, you will only find their opinions of you. How they see you is not what you are looking for.

Fear of others judgement or their non-acceptance will only result in you wearing a mask of what you think others think they want you to be.

Masks project the wishful image of a wannabe. Wearing masks for others perception creates a false image of you. The opposite of authentic which is what you really want.

Masks cover up the real you. If you’re hurting, wearing a mask of denial doesn’t make it so. It is simply pretending things are different.

People unconsciously will say and do hurtful things. They will lie, cheat, and steal. Sometimes the people you trust the most are the ones who will betray you.

Those you love will get sick, and eventually die. We all do. It is physical life and it goes on.

Only by the real you showing up can you heal.

Stop Searching Throughout Time

While time travel is possible, it’s not what you think.

First, if you are haunted by people or events of the past or future, realize they are only ghosts of reality. Mere figments of your imagination. Traumatic shadows of past moments or future possibilities.

Although they may seem real, they are not real.

All suffering of past or possible future moments is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. Trauma of past and/or future brought into the present as if it is happening now.

But it’s not happening now.

However, the pain is lived and relived as if it is happening now.

You can move out of the shadows of yesterday and into the light of today.

The past and future are not now. Only this moment is now. And this moment is all that exists.

Everything happening is in this moment. Here and now. Are you here and now or trapped in the illusion of time?

There is something else here and now, healing. Healing happens in the now.

In this moment forgiveness is very powerful medicine. Forgiveness is healing energy with the power to travel through time past and future.

In a sense you can time travel. While you cannot physically go back and change past events, you can send healing energy back in time and heal the past.

What you do in the present also determines the future. So, you can heal the future in the present as well.

Forgiveness is understanding human imperfection. It is letting go.

Let go of past trauma and you release destructive negative energy of the past and future.

Stop Searching to Find What You’re Searching For

In case you haven’t realized it yet, what you’ve been in search of is you. That is to say your true self.

No, not the worlds version of you. Nothing in this world has anything to do with who and what you are.

The physical world is just that. Physical. Of course, this includes your mind-body. But You are spirit.

So, what you’ve been searching for outside yourself can only be found deep within. And you know what else? It has always been there because being spirit, you are eternal.

Spirit or supreme consciousness is nonphysical and not being bound by time or space is therefore eternal.

Let go and know. Stop searching outside for what is already inside.

What’s outside? Lower consciousness.

Lower consciousness and the resulting emotional trauma stems from physical existence. Things like shame, guilt, depression, anger, hatred, fear, and anxiety are from identification with the physical world.

But deep within resides the real you. When you remove all that you are not, only you are left.

Love is all that is left. Love is lack of trauma. Total healing.

That is why love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love is spirit in action.

When you identify with your true spiritual essence, you transcend the physical world into a state of consciousness which can best be described as unconditional love.

You may not fully understand it yet, but everything you do is an attempt to self-realize. And that’s exactly how you find what you’re searching for.

Only through self-realization can you express your highest self.

From a spiritual point of view, everything happens exactly as it is supposed to, exactly when it is supposed to, and ends exactly when it is supposed to.

And therein lies both the beauty and wonder of life.

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