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7 Things You Need to Know About The Dark Night of the Soul

7 Things You Need to Know About The Dark Night of the Soul, spiritual awakening, spiritual awareness, spiritual consciousness

Have you ever heard of the Dark Night of the Soul?

Whether you realize it or not, you are living through the Dark Night of the Soul on a massive scale.

For instance, would you say that you’re horrified by what you’ve witnessed during 2020?

Based on recent events are you concerned for your future, future generations, and the future of your country?

When you think about it, does the term Banana Republic come to mind?

You are not alone.

What’s with the hatred?

Why is there so much fraud and corruption in government and the news media?

Well, there are spiritual reasons for what’s going on, and consequently there are also spiritual answers.

For example, here in the US, spirit was unleashed by our founding fathers, and as always has been the case, spirit is being attacked by darkness.

Dark forces are threatened by the truth and so they try to extinguish the light. Actually, this is a very old story that has been told in many different ways.

One is called the Dark Night of the Soul, and the following will help you get through it.

Everyone Goes Through the Dark Night of the Soul   

In this lifetime, you will probably go through the Dark Night of the Soul at least twice. And typically, each time will take a few years to complete.

During the process it will seem as if you have descended into hell. Hence, its name, the Dark Night of the Soul.

While it will be the worst of times, you will have opportunity for growth unlike at any other moment in your life.

You will rise in consciousness to previously unimaginable heights. Of course, this is provided you actually go all the way rather than getting stuck somewhere along the way.

The point is not only to understand the darkness, but to emerge on the other side of night into the new days dawn. Into the light.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a time of major transformation. However, it can also be a time of great healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Miracle healings often occur during the Dark Night of the Soul. This is because while going through it the suffering is extremely intense.

As a result, you will be far more likely to open up and allow spirit to direct you.

What Makes the Dark Night of the Soul Different From Other Challenges   

Unlike most life changing opportunities, you cannot simply suppress and/or ignore the Dark Night of the Soul. When it comes, you will have no choice but to go through it.

Furthermore, it will last as long as it lasts, and there’s nothing you can do about that either.

Another difference is that rather than dealing with one or perhaps two major problems, your entire life or close to it will be thrown into absolute chaos.

Additionally, the Dark Night of the Soul tests you on those things you refuse to deal with on your own.

However, all these things are necessary for your spiritual advancement. Perhaps unknown to you, these things are already stirring deep within you.

Pass or Fail, But You Will Be Tested

These are not just major life events; they are pivotal points in your spiritual evolution. They are tests of higher consciousness.

Passing the test results in moving onto much higher states of consciousness. Not to mention, you avoid retaking the tests in the future.

Once passed, these tests are passed forever.

You will ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

Your life will not just go back to the way it was before, it will be much better than before.

That is, until the next test at which time your new level of consciousness will be tested.

Sometimes We Go Through It in Groups

Just as you go through the Dark Night of the Soul on a personal level you may also go through it with a group of people.

It works the same way but the whole group goes through it rather than one individual.

These spiritual crossroads happen when a group of people are ready for the same test of consciousness. Family, groups of friends or business associates can go through the same Dark Night of the Soul at the same time.

These are shared spiritual experiences or soul bonding.

Entire nations can go through a Dark Night of the Soul together. This is a comparatively rare event, but it happens. In fact, the USA is currently going through the test.

Even more rare is a global Dark Night of the Soul. However, this is exactly what we find ourselves in at the moment and the potential is huge.

Within the chaos is the potential for a global shift in consciousness. These types of events will eventually help bring about the spiritual evolution of mankind.

The result will be heaven on earth.

Going Through the Perfect Storm Without a Spiritual Compass

There is a quote believed to be from World War 1, “There are no atheists in foxholes”. Interesting quote, isn’t it?

Still, going through the Dark Night of the Soul is hard enough. But without a spiritual compass, the suffering will be far more intense.

Focusing on the pain and loss occurring during the Dark Night of the Soul will also dramatically increase the suffering.

You may fall into deep despair because it will feel as if you’ve fallen into the abyss of no return. Literally descending into hell, your life force will go dim, and you can even develop a loss of will to live.

Coming face to face with your unhealed wounds may appear as demons that haunt you. They are not real. They never have been. It is a bad dream, a nightmare you must wake up from.

Only then will you move on.

Otherwise you will continue with your current level of consciousness until you are ready to attempt the test again.

Life lessons are the course. The Dark Night of the Soul is the final exam.

Weathering the Storm Spiritually

Understanding the process helps, but it is critical to remain spiritually centered.

Remember this is only a test. Your consciousness is being tested. In other words, how far along the spiritual path are you?

Although it may seem as though God has abandoned you, nothing could be further from the truth. These are opportunities to let go of false beliefs and move closer to God.

Jesus had his Dark Night of the Soul on the cross. A test of consciousness he passed by overcoming the worlds darkness and ascending into the light.

Follow his example, hold your spiritual center by knowing who and what you are;

Let your false self-die so as to allow for a higher version of you to emerge.

Deep abdominal breathing calms the mind-body.

Through meditation you can connect with source. Allow spirit to flow through you into this world.

Surround yourself with spiritually minded folks.

Avoid the spiritually unconscious.

Forgive all who have wronged you. This includes you. Forgive yourself for all your wrong doings. Let go of all negativity.

Embrace and work for the greater good.

Do what you can do and leave the rest to God.

The Dark Night of the Soul is a Natural Process

Know that the Dark Night of the Soul is a natural process of spiritual evolution. And while it may go on for years, it will end.

The Dark Night of the Soul is as natural as taking a bath on a soul level. Washing away the false beliefs that are sabotaging your life and preventing your ascension into higher consciousness.

Being aware of the truth is not the same as being the truth. And to pass the test you must be the truth.

In other words, become higher consciousness by living your life through higher consciousness at all times.

Most importantly, to pass the test you must maintain higher consciousness during the test.

You create the Dark Night of the Soul in order to give yourself the opportunity to rise above your current level of consciousness. To rise into an even higher state of consciousness. To move closer to God Consciousness.

Passing the test means a new improved life. A death of the old self followed by rebirth into a higher version of you with spirit lighting the way.

The Dark Night of the Soul is nothing more than spiritual growing pains.

The best way to approach the Dark Night of the Soul is to remain spiritually centered so as to fulfill your purpose of spiritually awakening.

Fulfill your purpose.

All you need do is follow the light.

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