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How to Remain Calm in a Crisis

how to remain calm in a crisis, remain spiritually centered

Have you ever wished that you knew how to remain calm in a crisis? Well, you are not alone.

Not so surprisingly, many people find it quite difficult to remain calm in a crisis. However, with the following you can. So, let’s shine some light into the darkness.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the tremendous amount of chaos surrounding current events. Likewise, the widespread fear and even panic that are dominating the news.   

Most of you are witnessing political unrest far worse than at any time during your life. Not to mention, unprecedented levels of corruption are running rampant throughout government and the news media.

The fighting between political parties and the president is completely off the charts.

Previously unimaginable nightly rioting in major US cities has been going on for months now. The violence is out of control. And all the while, hatred is the predominant mindset in far too many.

You may be wondering if we’re about to descend into civil war.

So, how do you remain calm in a crisis? What can you do when everything appears to be falling apart?

To Remain Calm in a Crisis, Learn to Separate Fact from Fiction

To begin with, what do political upheaval, civil disorder, out of control violence, boiling over hatred, and corruption all have in common?


So, lets pick something prevalent in the news. Also, something the news media have been using to scare the hell out of you. How about Covid 19. At least that’s not political, right?

Not so fast, if you listen to the media and their experts you may fear that by walking out your front door you are at serious risk.

Although the virus is real, it has also been politicized.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that just about everything in the past 3-4 years has been politicized.

And like any good conspiracy theory, a manufactured crisis contains just enough truth to make it convincing. Covid 19 is no different, so let’s separate fact from fiction.

Some Enlightening Facts About Covid 19

A few simple Google searches with some key words quickly reveals the following;

If you are under 85 without any serious underling health issues you are far more likely to die in an automobile accident than from Covid 19. Yet, has anyone suggested we stop using automobiles?

Likewise, if you are young and in good health you are more likely to be struck by lightning than die from Covid 19. But does anyone refuse to leave their home in an effort to avoid lightning strikes?


Of course not.

Is Covid 19 a problem? Sure. Should we be doing everything we can? Absolutely.

And by the way, contrary to what you may have seen in the news, we are.

A Few More Facts

But consider this, every day in the United States approximately 8000 people die from all causes. Of that 8000 approximately 300 per day die from influenza while approximately 900 per day die from Covid 19.

So, it’s a problem, but not the end of the world.

And it’s not the picture you get from the media or supposed experts, huh?

Furthermore, there are over 200 viruses currently known to infect humans.

Additionally, scientists estimate that well over a million unknown viruses exist with half of them potentially posing a problem to humans. Covid 19 is just the latest to come along.

Because Covid 19 is a new virus we have not had time to develop antibodies. At least not yet.

Therefore, at the moment, about 3X as many people are dying from Covid 19 compared to the common flu. However, the death toll over time will decrease significantly.  

Viruses are found wherever there is life and have probably existed since living cells first evolved.

So, this is not our first barbeque and in time we will develop a natural resistance to the virus often referred to as heard immunity.

Additionally, we are developing treatments and vaccines that will also bring the numbers way down.

Are you feeling calmer?


Still, should we really need Covid 19 to remind us to wash our hands, avoid coughing on the vegetables, and stay home while we’re sick?

To Remain Calm in a Crisis, Remain Spiritually Centered

Simply putting things in perspective by separating fact from fiction goes a long way towards squashing fear.

However, the most important facts are spiritual facts. For example, to remain calm in a crisis, remain spiritually centered.

You can start by not taking what’s going on personally. Taking things personally is operating from the ego. It is attachment to and identification with your emotions.

While concern may be noble, emotional attachment is counterproductive. It sucks you into the very madness concerning you in the first place.

Consequently, this knocks you off your spiritual center.

Moreover, emotions are what’s fueling the hatred and violence. Essentially mental illness on parade. Psychosis projected onto the world stage.

Far too many people get sucked in by taking it personal, don’t be one of them.

While people are identified with their emotions, you cannot even have a real conversation with them because they are not in their conscious minds to begin with.

Simply, no one is home. Despite any appearance to the contrary they are operating from the subconscious.

Basically, while in the subconscious, people are no different than any other animal operating from lower consciousness.

However, humans regardless of their level of consciousness manifest it into reality.

In fact, humans not only create but manipulate reality.

Unfortunately, as long as the majority are spiritually unconsciousness, chaos will rule supreme.

Understanding Hatred and Violence

Understand that the hatred and unnecessary violence you see in the world stem from spiritual unconsciousness. No matter the supposed reason, both are based in fear.

Since fear is low level consciousness, the only thing to come out of fear is low level consciousness. Irrationality will not produce rational results.

Additionally, lack of spiritual consciousness creates the illusion you need to be in control.

Furthermore, if you believe you need to be in control, lack of control results in fear.

To remain calm in a crisis, you do not need to be in control. You simply need to remain spiritually centered.

What’s going to happen is going to happen. In fact, it needs to happen. Which is why it can’t be stopped.

The need to control is one of the causes of our problems in the first place. Not to mention, it eventually leads to an aggressive need for total control.

Hence, the vast majority of violence you see in the world is an attempt to control others.

The need to control is based in fear while the effort to control projects fear.

Sad but true. Still, freaking out about it doesn’t help either. Since that of course, is just more fear.

Whatever will be will be. Consequently, it is beyond your control.

Therefore, your only responsibility is to be the highest version of yourself possible in any given moment.

You can live in peace while influencing the world by your example. To do so goes back to holding your spiritual center.

Rather than give in to fear, do what spirit moves you to do. Let the rest go.

Choosing the Best of Two Options

You always have two options.

Either act on behalf of the greater good, or something else. The greater good implies a spiritual connection and will always produce the best results for all creation.

Therefore, you are included in the greater good.

In addition to securing your best possible life experience, you will also be doing your best to help others. Simply live for the greater good and let spirit do the rest.

In other words, remain spiritually centered no matter what is happening.      

Holding your spiritual center is the most important thing you can do. It is choosing love and peace while creating a harmonious life, regardless of what’s going on.

Nothing in the physical world can change who and what you are. You are in essence spirit.

Furthermore, you are part of the Great Eternal Spirit.

So, what is there to fear?

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