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7 Ways Fear is Sabotaging Your Life and What You Can Do About It

fear sabotaging your life,what to do about it

If you’re like most people, fear is sabotaging your life. But there is something you can do about it?

Fear is the worst virus of all.

Acting out of fear almost always causes far more damage than any virus is capable of causing. Ponder this and you will find it to be true.

When we act out of fear, we will most likely get whatever damage the virus would have caused anyway.

But in addition, we will definitely get all the damage created from the consequences of our fear-based actions. And as if that were not enough, this consequential damage is generally more wide spread and further reaching than the virus.

Think about times you felt fear. Did you feel good?

Or did you feel scared and confused?

Do you think that contributed to good health? And how about this; do you think you made the best decisions, or just desperately reacted to your fear hoping for the best?

Last but not least, how long did it take you to heal from the emotional damage caused from that fear?

Or are you still suffering from it today?

Perhaps you still have emotional wounds related to fear manifesting as many different problems in your life.

Tired of being a victim of fear?

fear sabotaging your life,what to do about it

Well, here are 7 ways fear is sabotaging your life and what you can do about it:

1. Fear sells. A lot of marketing uses fear to get you to buy their products. And the so-called news media uses fear to get their ratings up. They know it gets your attention and sucks you in. Great for them. However, you’re the one who suffers. The drug companies have pills to treat your related anxiety and depression, but how much is really necessary? Try avoiding all media for two weeks. You will notice a tremendous difference in the way you feel. Afterwards, limit your exposure to avoid over stimulation. Additionally, limit yourself to media sources that are solution oriented without peddling fear, anger, and hatred. Most will project fear, but that doesn’t mean you have to absorb it. Far too many people believe what the media tells them to believe.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr.”

2. Fear allows that which would never happen otherwise to be done. Fear is the tool of those who want to control you. They use fear to scare you into submission. From ancient times to the present, nowhere is this more prevalent than in religion and politics. It requires a crisis of some sort. Chaos. And in the confusion, they make their moves to gain power over you. Fear is used as a weapon to gain control. People are far more likely to cooperate when they’re scared. Don’t listen to the fear mongers. They either have an agenda or they have bought into one.

“How fortunate for leaders that men do not think. – Adolf Hitler”  

3. Fear is mostly based in the unknown. At times fear can be beneficial. Still, while rational fear is realizing possible danger and avoiding it, irrational fear causes suffering now over future unknowns. Hence, an inappropriate response to what might happen in the future. Sure, you can fret over all the horrible possibilities. In fact, you can drive yourself nuts with worry. Yes, once in a while something horrible will happen. But most of the time it doesn’t.

If you can avoid it, then avoid it. If not, then you have no choice in the matter anyway. Most noteworthy, all the worry in the world can’t change that. Still, of all the possibilities, only one will actually happen. Worrying about all the unpleasant possibilities only causes stress, anxiety and depression. And you know what, that is an unpleasant possibility. Hey, you’ve made it this far. Believe in you and keep moving towards your higher self. Soon you will realize how far you’ve traveled. You’re at 100%. Keep going. You got this!

“The best way to predict your future is to create it. – Abraham Lincoln”

 4. Fear of failure prevents you from fulfilling your life’s purpose. Living in fear causes you to either fail to see or fail to act upon opportunities. Failures are the stepping stones to your future success. Remember, the harder the lesson, the bigger the opportunity for growth. Life is about change. Without change there is no growth. Growth is evidence of life. Growing can be painful, but stagnation is far worse. Those who tell you it can’t be done are projecting their limitations on you.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela”

5. Fear of never having the right relationship creates that very thing. As of 2020, there are 7.8 billion people in the world. Therefore, there are lots of people out there who may be the right one. But rather than focus on finding the right person, focus on being the right person. Funny thing, when you focus on being the right person, the right person will find you.

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. – Wayne Dyer”

6. Fear of losing a relationship of any kind is attachment to the past. It is also attachment to the physical world. A world constantly in a state of change. You will be fine. But permanence only exists beyond this world. While getting dumped, cheated on, or divorced are not fun, they happen. In fact, they are quite common in life. And they are either caused by your fear, another’s fear, or both.

And while death is inevitable, it is simply a doorway. We all come into this world, we are here for a while, and then we move on. No one can save you; they can only tell you the truth. Physical death is inevitable, yet you are immortal. Your spiritual essence cannot be destroyed. Like energy, your spirit can only transfer from one state to another. From the spiritual to the physical and back to the spiritual. However, your pain in this world can transform into passion, purpose, and be used to help others.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. – Helen Keller”

7. Fear causes stress. Specifically, prolonged stress is extremely unhealthy. In fact, even relatively mild stress if prolonged damages physical and mental health. Nearly all physical disease is the result of some kind of stress. The same can be said for mental disease and emotional trauma.

Fear based stress can spread throughout the world like a virus. However, the truth is that fear causes more damage than all viruses combined. Fear knocks you out of balance resulting in poor decision making and a jeopardized immune system. Needless to say, poor decision making and a jeopardized immune system make you far more likely to make a mess of your life, have an accident, and contract a disease. While you might catch a virus, and if you do you might get sick, fear will without a doubt causes all kinds of problems. And many of those problems may continue throughout your life as well as the lives of those you influence.

So, how do you avoid fear? You feel what you feel, but you can distance yourself from it by not buying into it. Focus on something positive. Don’t focus on what sucks, focus on the possibilities.

“Surround yourself with what you are trying to become…not what you are trying to get away from. Aimee Halpin”

fear is the worst virus,love is the cure

Stop fear from sabotaging your life

Fear stems from identification with physical life. Believing you are a creature of this world rather than a spiritual being temporarily in this world.

From that viewpoint there are endless ways fear is sabotaging your life.

For starters, you believe any harm to your mind-body harms you.

Furthermore, you believe there is no spiritual connection between you, others, and God.

Not to mention that when this physical life ends, you end with it.

However, you can stop fear from sabotaging your life.

When your viewpoint shifts to a spiritual being experiencing life through a physical body, fear transcends into love.

Love is the opposite of fear and love is revealed by actions.

Let’s not forget that it is in doing that we become.

So, if you act on fear, you become that fear. The fear then spreads to you, and you in turn will spread the fear.

Therefore, act on the opposite. Act on love.

Tearing others down is the problem. Building others up is the solution.

Fear is constricting while love is expanding.

Feel the difference and then choose which to act upon. 

Love is all healing and love is all inclusive.

Focus on love instead of fear. And as you do, you will become aware of the spiritual connection we all share.

Your understanding will deepen, and eventually you will realize, there is nothing to fear.

We are pure conscious energy.

Ultimately, we are one eternal spirit.

Fear is the worst virus of all, and the cure is love.

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