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Lightworkers and Liberty – What You Need to Know

Lightworkers and Liberty, two dollar bill, signers declaration of independence

Are you aware of the spiritual basis upon which America is founded?

Did you know that Lightworkers of Liberty were at the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

In fact, lightworkers have been around since the beginning of time.

While working on enlightenment they help others do the same.

For example, there have been many great spiritual teachers and countless protectors of the innocent.

Lightworkers come in many forms, but regardless of how they show up, their journey always revolves around bringing light into the world.

Last but not least, they are unstoppable beings whose loving truth rings true long after they depart.

But darkness fears the light because exposure to light ends darkness. And so, darkness resists.

Consequently, something else lightworkers have in common; while they are here, they are often met with hatred and violence.

Everything from character assassination to physical beatings and imprisonment.

Finally, as if that all that were not enough, many have given the ultimate sacrifice.

And all of this at the hands of the so called righteous.

In honor of Independence Day, I wish to speak about one particular group of lightworkers. The Lightworkers of Liberty.

Were the Lightworkers of Liberty Perfect?

If you want to hear dirt on any public figure, it’s not hard to find. Moreover, many people peddle dirty laundry for a living. Do you wonder why? Because it sells.

And during any time throughout history there have been some things that far too many of the people alive at the time accepted as normal.

Things participated in by the masses because at the time they were the norm. But this norm is often rejected as darkness or evil by future generations.

Most important is who caused the change, and how.

The founding fathers were human, and as such imperfect.

And just as with all historical figures, some of the dirt is probably true, while some exaggerated, and some pure fiction.

Still, what we can be sure of, is what was written down in the founding documents of America.

And that is of far more importance.

Were the Founding Fathers Lightworkers of Liberty?

Spirit always resonates with spirit. Therefore, it is very telling who sees it and who does not.

Still, spirit moved through the founding fathers into this world. Furthermore, spirit was recorded in the founding documents of America.

The result is a country with a brief history of 245 years. Yet, America has created the highest standard of living ever known to man.

And in 245 years, the USA has risen to the greatest super power in the world.

Moreover, this power has been used to help people around the world with food, medicine, freedom, and much more. There is not even a close second.

How is this possible? There have been many great nations. Some of them thousands of years old.

Still, with regards to helping the people of the world, none have come close to America.

How is this possible?

Spirit! Spirit is doing the work.

You see it around the world, but you don’t see a place where spirit has been unleashed the way it has in America.

Is America perfect? No. Are Americans so different than people around the world? No.

Then why have Americans given so much money and shed so much blood to help others?

Because it is spirit working through us that creates our way of life.

It is spirit working through us that is so giving.

Spirit was unleashed through our system of government. And that spirit was unleashed by the founding fathers.

Do You Know Where Your Liberty Comes From?

In the US we celebrate the fourth of July as Independence Day. We celebrate to give thanks for our liberty.

The founding fathers are the lightworkers responsible for our liberty. Furthermore, they brought to government a new idea that liberty comes from God.

You certainly wouldn’t know it by watching the news, nor by listening to modern-day politicians.

However, the constitution as laid out by the founding fathers clearly states all rights come from God. Hence the term, God given inalienable rights.

Since our rights come from God, no man nor government have the authority to take them away or hinder them in any fashion.

The Constitution is actually a limiting document. We the people created the constitution in order to establish a limited government of, for, and by the people.

And according to our constitution, the only authority that the government has, is that which the constitution specifically says it has.

No other governmental authority legally exists.

For example, separation of church and state twisted into the context of separation of God and state is an asinine position.

This would have been preposterous to the founding fathers.

We cannot have God as the basis of our law and then turn around and exclude God from government.

What Is the Guiding Light of Liberty?

We have a serious lack of spiritual consciousness in government and that is precisely why we have widespread corruption.

The term separation of church and state does not mean a godless government. It refers to government not having the authority to interfere with the people’s religion.

Government is prohibited from promoting one religion over others.

While the term separation of church and state does not actually appear in the constitution, the idea does.

But the intent as is always the case with the constitution is to protect the people’s rights.

This specifically includes protecting the people from the government.

Humans are imperfect. Overstating this is not possible. Still, government is inherently evil, and so the creature must be kept in check.

For instance, everything for the greater good is done through spiritual consciousness. Lightworkers understand this.

And so, the founding fathers never envisioned our government without spiritual consciousness.

Moreover, spirit was to serve as a guiding light for Americans and in turn America was to serve as a guiding light for the world.

Statue of Liberty, lightworkers and liberty, lady liberty

Case in point, the Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy.

Her torch is a symbol of enlightenment. Lady Liberty lights the way to freedom.

Her official name is Liberty Enlightening the World. Enlightenment is the path leading to liberty and liberty is enlightenment.

Lady Liberty proclaims a spiritual message.

The founding fathers released spirit in the formation of America and spirit spreads throughout the world.  

Liberty Requires Equality

A truly amazing part of our constitution is that all men (and women) are created equal.

Furthermore, this means that the creator created us equal.

Lightworkers of liberty understand there is only one race. The human race.

The color of our skin has nothing to do with our spiritual essence.

Nor does any other category you could separate us into. These differences are more like what shirt we’re wearing.

God created us equal and that is what the law is based upon. Therefore, all people must be treated equally under the law. Regardless of who they are or what position they hold in society.

Anything less is corruption, and like cancer if not eradicated will destroy its host.

Hence, the reason why government is an inherently evil creature that must be kept in check to prevent it from taking control over the very people it was created to serve.

Unless we violate another’s rights, the government has no authority to interfere with anything we do.

We are guaranteed the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as we desire.

Liberty and Spiritual Consciousness

But, in order for a system of self-government to work, we must have a moral and informed republic. 

When lacking spiritual consciousness people become corrupted. Then the system becomes corrupted. Finally fear, intimidation, and even violence become the methods of control.

Consequently, liberty gets lost in the insanity.

Going along out of fear rather than choosing from free will is an entirely different matter.

It is meaningful when it is your choice. There is no control necessary.

Liberty is about choice, not about controlling what you choose.

The thought police will try to force you to conform. Consequently, they may bring enough force to intimidate you into complying out of fear.

But this lacks any real conformance. Instead, people are simply avoiding punishment from the powers-that-be. If it is not of the heart, it will not last.

Because falsehood is destroyed by truth, empires without spiritual consciousness will always collapse. History is full of examples.

Still, liberty means you get to choose

However, there are plenty of people who are spiritually unconscious.

For instance, people that rebuke all of this and want any concept of God completely separate from government.

Furthermore, they deny and ridicule anyone who does not subscribe to their narrow view.

And so ironically, they want to remove the very thing protecting them and their right to believe as they do.  

lightworkers and liberty, liberty bell, Leviticus 25:10

What Does Freedom of Religion Really Mean?

America provides the opportunity to believe and live your life as you see fit. That opportunity is called liberty.

The first inscription on the liberty bell reads from Leviticus 25:10 “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all inhabitants thereof”

One of the pillars of liberty is freedom of religion. Even if that religion is one of non-belief in something greater than self.

Atheism for example, requires a tremendous amount of faith. In fact, more faith than God based religions require.

Agnostics claim to be neutral. However, refusing to choose is still a choice.

Simply, freedom of religion means freedom to worship the ego or anything else, as long as it does not infringe upon another’s rights.

And so, government was created to protect the people’s rights.

Otherwise, there is to be no interference from government.

All men are created equal is God’s law, and one of the hallmarks of equality is freedom of religion. Therefore, we are to show mutual respect for each other rather we agree or not.

Lightworkers of Liberty and the American Dream

The founding fathers were not ordinary men. In fact, they were lightworkers, and as such they understood the power of God. Moreover, that our rights come from God.

Therefore, it is undeniable, America does not exist separate from God.

Furthermore, America is a country of people able to think, speak, and worship freely.

Above all, America is one nation under God.

This is the American dream and an exception to the world. American exceptionalism is a light in the dark.

America would serve as a beacon of light. Like a lighthouse on a rocky shore during a dark storm. And the light would spread throughout the world.

And so, it is.

Blessed be the ones who sacrificed so much for those who would come later. Blessed be the Lightworkers of Liberty.

And so, we celebrate. Happy Birthday America. And Happy Birthday Liberty.

Above all, celebrate by Living Your Dream!

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