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The Great Spiritual Hoax: Why Traditional Religious Teachings Will Never Lead to Salvation

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You practice religion or some form of spirituality because you want salvation. Right? You’re looking for peace of mind and a place in heaven.

Perhaps you are dedicated to it. You may even live a very disciplined life in hopes of earning salvation.

You follow all the rules during this life so things will be better in the hereafter.

But what if the rules are wrong?

Imagine this: you live your entire life diligently following a path to salvation only to find out the path doesn’t lead to salvation.

How awful would that be?

Does it make you feel sick to even think about it?

Well, consider this…

What is the Heart of Traditional Religious Teachings?

The most common religious belief is that life is about suffering. We suffer and sacrifice now in order to obtain salvation later.

If our suffering is sufficient enough in this life to please God, then we earn salvation. We will receive a place in heaven in the hereafter.

But why should we suffer? This comes from another common belief.

You’re bad, I’m bad, everybody is bad. Therefore, we are all in need of salvation. And so, we suffer.

Basically, traditional religious teachings are that salvation must be earned because we are undeserving. We have fallen from the grace of God and must earn our way back.

Stick with me…

Is God Imperfect?

Traditional religious teachings also state that God is all knowing and all loving.

Would an all-knowing God create defective subjects?

How does it make you feel to think that your all-knowing creator created you defective?

Created you knowing you were going to blow it, only to hold it against you?

Creating you in need of salvation while creating you undeserving of salvation?

Would an all loving God require you to suffer?

Then only after sufficient suffering grant your salvation?

And after a lifetime of suffering if you still don’t get it right, then dish out some other punishment? For example, eternal hell?

Could that be Gods will?

We are taught we are bad. If we believe that, and live up to it, what does that say about the teaching?

What kind of God would damn its creation in eternal hell for being as it was created?

Perhaps the rules were designed by the ruling class to control the masses.

Maybe the message has been misunderstood.

What if there has be so much focus on the message and the messengers that the spiritual meaning has been lost?

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Worried About Going to Hell? Think Again.

Religion teaches you to fear hell. You do not need to worry about going to hell. You are already there.

Take a good look around. There is constant raping, pillaging, and killing of people. Not even children, not even babies are exempt.

Although we have been to the moon and have plans to colonize Mars, we still have poverty and starvation on massive scales. Warfare is still a means of settling our differences.

There is no doubt that hell exists. You are living it.

Still, hell is unnecessary.

You have freedom of choice. And you can choose something different. Many people do. A few have peace of mind. A place in heaven. Salvation. Right here, right now!

It requires a shift in consciousness. A higher state of being. Spiritual Consciousness.

Right now, you have deep within you everything necessary to make that shift. You always have.

Heaven and hell are not destinations in the future. They are levels of consciousness in the now.

Salvation is not something you earn. Salvation is something you have available to you whenever you are ready.

You are not defective; you are either spiritually conscious or spiritually unconscious.

Buddha wanted salvation. He wanted to escape the suffering of the world and then teach others to do the same. Buddha gave up his lavish life as a prince to seek enlightenment. Once enlightened he said “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

It is difficult to think of salvation and not think of Jesus Christ. He was a master teacher whose purpose was teaching salvation. Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within you”

These are not statements about future destinations. They are statements regarding levels of consciousness here and now.

Learn to Recognize The Great Spiritual Hoax

Traditional religious teachings reinforce the illusion of separation.

Grouping people into who is right and who is wrong.

Who is going to heaven and who is going to hell.

The tone is almost universal throughout religions. We are right and everyone else is going to hell. Even different denominations within the same religion treat each other this way.

Many wars have been fought over whose side God was on.

This My God is better than your God mentality results in confusion, pain, and fear. It manifests as humans being ruthless and barbaric.

While total separation from God is impossible, this comes close and is completely void of any spiritual meaning.

Although you can be spiritually unconscious, you are still a spiritual being.

Eventually, everyone will awaken to spiritual consciousness and find salvation.

Unfortunately, until then, the spiritually unconscious will live in hell. And they will continue to manifest hell.

Believing that we are separated from each other and from God is the cause of suffering.

The great spiritual hoax is due to a lack of spiritual understanding.

Consequently, the rules focus on a lack of and separation from the very thing promised.

Following the rules only reinforces the illusion. The more you practice separation, the more ingrained in your belief’s separation becomes.

Realizing that salvation is simply a matter of spiritual consciousness vs spiritual unconsciousness changes everything.

Salvation, release from suffering, can only happen now, because heaven and hell are states of consciousness existing in the here and now.

Religions basically state that in the beginning, there was God. God created us. We fell from grace and therefore are unworthy of salvation.

Furthermore, salvation exists beyond life and is conditional upon earning it back during life.

Finally, we do this by adhering to the rules of religion. Believing and behaving in the right way.

This misunderstanding completely misses the point.

We are an expansion of the creator. The supreme consciousness or great spirit expanded resulting in us.

We are therefore part of the creator. There is nothing to earn. We already have it. We are part of it.

Unfortunately, we’ve bought into the illusion that we are separate from God and each other.

This is the fall from grace. Each time we think, speak, or act in ways that distance us from each other and from God, we reinforce the illusion.

There is nothing wrong with attending church or reading scripture.

Both help you with salvation by pointing you towards God.

But that is just it. Salvation is not found in church or scriptures. They only point the way.

Religion, scripture, and spiritual teachers are signposts. Do not focus on the signposts or you miss where they are pointing you.

Salvation is a state of consciousness wherein you connect with spirit.

Nothing is stopping you from salvation in this moment other than your beliefs.

Finding Salvation

Not sure how to get started? Practice kindness. Simply live a selfless life helping others and you will help yourself.

Your life’s work is right in front of you. In your home and in your community. That is where you will find salvation.

A smile, a helping hand, a word of encouragement. Unconditional love. Spiritual consciousness.

And like a pebble cast into a pond, the ripple effect will spread worldwide. The result? Salvation for all.

You can start right now!

Oh, and one other thing, that is where you will find God, working through you. 

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