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Why Science Will Always Fail to Explain Higher Consciousness

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Would it surprise you to find out that very few people understand higher consciousness?

If you are like most people, you probably think higher consciousness has something to do with being awake rather than asleep. Perhaps you think that deep thought is involved or that the smarter you are the higher your level of consciousness.

You may have learned about consciousness in college. Maybe you have read books or watched television specials that discussed the science of consciousness.

And if a lot of really smart scientists agree, then it must be so. Right?

Certainly, the science of consciousness is correct. Or is it?

There are many common beliefs surrounding consciousness. Let’s examine a few.

World Wisdom and Higher Consciousness

Science generally describes consciousness as a state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings. This is thought to include self as separate from surroundings.

Science considers higher consciousness to be an elevated state of awareness. This can be from expanded mental activity, an excited biological system due to elevated physical activity, or brought on by a sense of danger.

Some science attempts to explain higher consciousness as higher intelligence. This science states that species with a larger brain size relative to body mass and more complex neural connections are capable of higher consciousness.

What Science is Missing About Higher Consciousness

Notice anything about the scientific explanation? There is a common thread.

All scientific explanations deal with the physical world.

Which is to be expected, because the scientific method is to take apart physical things and analyze them.

Matter is all that matters. It is as if nothing else exists.

Even though quantum physics states that all physical matter is actually made of energy. Solid matter is in reality energy vibrating at a frequency we perceive as solid matter.

Physical reality is energy behaving as physical matter.

Yes, physical reality actually exists within a much larger non-physical reality. We live in an energy universe.

Although we use energy every day for all kinds of stuff, this larger non-physical reality is otherwise ignored. Therefore, science is limited.

So, what does all this have to do with higher consciousness? Everything!

Higher Consciousness is Not What You Think

As it stands right now very few people understand what higher consciousness is.

The belief that if you are not sleeping you are conscious is true, yet far from higher consciousness.

Being more aware is not necessarily higher consciousness.

As for the more intelligent you are, the higher your level of consciousness? Being smart increases your capacity to think, not your level of consciousness. There are many extremely intelligent people in government and, well, you get the point.

Scientists attempt to understand higher consciousness. They want to unleash the full power of the mind. However, while they do unlock the secrets of the brain, they operate from the same basic beliefs about consciousness.

We live in a society that teaches us these beliefs from a young age. Our day to day reality is society reaffirming these beliefs. So, it is not surprising that this is the status quo.

However, belief in these misperceptions is the very thing holding you back from higher consciousness.

Normal states of consciousness relate to the physical. The mind-body. Higher states of consciousness are above normal states of consciousness. Beyond physical awareness. Super consciousness is beyond the mind-body. Beyond thoughts and emotions.

What we are talking about here is non-physical or spiritual reality. You cannot understand and explain spiritual consciousness with non-spiritual beliefs. Higher consciousness begins with being open to it.

Beyond Limitations

You don’t know what you don’t know. But denial does not change reality. It only creates delusion. In order for higher consciousness to emerge we must first be open to the possibility.

Cutting edge science is aware that this universe and everything in it is no random accident. Our universe is saturated with intelligence down to the very smallest detail.

So, how can we be anything but open to the possibility of a spiritual realm of some kind?

Quantum physics already states there a non-physical realm. A realm without any form, time, or space. Omnipresence. This definition is no different than the definition offered for thousands of years by spiritual teachers.

At the very least this physical universe is actually an illusion. We live in an energy universe. There is conscious energy and we are part of it.

Spiritual Evolution

Life is a process of growth. We start as eggs, become embryos, and grow into organisms known as humans. We are constantly learning and growing. And although there is more to learn, mankind has become pretty good at understanding the physical realm.

But very few people understand higher consciousness.

We have almost completely abandoned spirituality. Many of the problems we face as individuals or as a species will only be solved on a spiritual level. And this will require higher consciousness in the hearts and minds of individuals.

So, individuals must shift into higher consciousness and then collectively we will heal ourselves and the planet.

Many problems simply cannot be solved by government or science. Higher consciousness is not physical. Higher consciousness is spiritual.

Spiritual consciousness is not something that science can explain because science is limited to the physical realm. Fortunately, spiritual evolution will be the next step in mankind’s evolution.

Awakening to Spiritual Consciousness

Spiritual consciousness cannot be forced. It can only be allowed to emerge. However, you can create the ideal environment for your awakening.

First, there are the basics. The physical stuff. You know the drill. Sleep, diet, exercise, and stress management.

As for the spiritual, just be open to the idea. Seek spiritual information and see what resonates with you. Also, find ways to be of service to others. Do what you can do and you will be amazed.

I consider meditation to be the foundational practice for spirituality. It’s also great for stress management. Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day. Learn to observe your thoughts and emotions. Do not engage or react to them. Just sit in the stillness and observe.

You have read this blog because you are ready. By placing yourself in the ideal environment, you will in your time, spiritually awaken. As a side note, in the process, you will create the life of your dreams and influence the world in a positive way. Welcome to higher consciousness!

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