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3 Things Only Spiritual People Understand

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Do you struggle to live a happy life?

Are you stressed out a lot of the time?

Does life seem chaotic?

These are common problems. But they don’t need to be.

Ever notice how some people are almost always calm and content? That their general state is one of happiness, no matter what is going on? And that life just seems to work in their favor?

Without spirituality, life’s journey can range from a bumpy ride to a complete train wreck.

With spirituality, life is peaceful and beautiful.

The knowledge and actions of spiritual people can be explained by the following three points:

#1 Spiritual Reality Is Not What Most People Think

People in the world are predominantly preoccupied with the physical. One way or another we chase physical prizes.

While our priorities may vary, we all enjoy gratification. We long for a sense of accomplishment. For most, financial gain is part of the equation. Many strive to be the best at something. Some search for answers to life and our universe. There are those who help others. The grand prize can be all of them.

There is nothing wrong with physical success. In fact, it is necessary to truly master spirituality. However, the answers to our deepest questions are not found in physical reality. The answers we seek are found in spiritual reality.

It seems natural to focus on the physical because we live in a physical world. We even inhabit a physical body. Still, physical success without a spiritual perspective will always fall short.

When we question our existence, this physical reality becomes problematic. Not so much with the how, as the why. Peace is only found in spiritual truth.

There are three sources for obtaining information to help with understanding.

Others. You can look for answers from those close to you and whom you respect. Your friends and family. But have any of them mastered spirituality? Next, there are endless teachers and experts for every subject. You could pick one or more of them and hope they have it right. But how often are the news headlines about experts being shocked to find out that…? All the time. Right?

Self. If not others then perhaps self. But which self? The self falsely identified with the current physical situation? The self that is based in thoughts and emotions? The mind-body? That is the very same self who is searching for answers in the first place. Well, what other self is there?

Spirit. If not physical then spirit. A spiritual source for spiritual answers. Who could argue with that? Spirituality is recognizing you are a spiritual being and then living as your spiritual self while in your physical body. But if you are in a physical mind-body, and living in a physical world, then how can you know spirit? How exactly do you recognize spirit from mind-body?

#2 Spiritual Guidance Is All Around Us

Take a few deep breaths and relax. Recognizing spirit is not as hard as you may think.

You can start by being open to it. Whatever you deny, you create blocks to discovering. When you are open to the possibility, you may be surprised.

Secondly, you can look in the right places. So, where do you look for spiritual evidence? Everywhere. It is all around us. It always has been. The physical is a manifestation of the spiritual. Conscious energy expressing itself as matter.

In the beginning your understanding is usually through thought. Thinking is an intellectual pursuit.

The intellect has to do with your brain. It is part of the body. The physical world. An intellectual understanding is a good start. However, at some point you need to make the jump from physical thinking to spiritual knowledge.

So, how do you differentiate between thinking and knowledge?

You resonate with spiritual knowledge because you recognize it. There is something familiar and comforting about it. You recognize it as truth you have always known. But somehow, you forgot.

You can use this recognition as a guide to conscious energy or spirit. Your eyes respond to light. Your ears to sound. And your soul responds to spirit.

Conscious energy will resonate with conscious energy. You are in a physical body, so there will be a physical response. An attraction leading you home.

Think of a scale. On one end you have lower consciousness and on the other higher consciousness. Lower consciousness is more physical while higher consciousness is more spirit.

On the low-end are what you would call negative emotions, and on the high-end positive emotions. The more negative, the lower the consciousness, and the more positive, the higher the consciousness.

So, if you feel fear and anger, you are on the low end. You are dealing with the physical. Conversely, if you feel love and compassion, you are on the high end. You are dealing with spirit.

You can use this as a guide until you know through experience what you are dealing with. In times of confusion, you can simply check your response. Is it negative or positive? The more positively you are resonating, the higher the consciousness you are dealing with.

One additional note. Although higher consciousness can be described as love, it is not physical love. It is not an emotion. Far beyond judgement either negative or positive is unconditional love. It is simply spiritual consciousness.

#3 Spiritual Amnesia Causes Human Suffering

Once you learn to recognize spiritual truth, things start to fall into place. It is a journey of stepping stones leading you home. As you witness the results, your trust in spirit becomes stronger.

Spiritual awareness provides mental clarity. You simply see through the nonsense to the truth.

As consciousness shifts higher and higher, major realizations occur unlocking the secret to living a spiritual life.

You need not search for a spiritual experience because you are a spiritual being. Therefore, this is a spiritual experience. You are not capable of anything else.

You also happen to be temporarily in the human condition. A physical condition wherein you find yourself traveling through time and space in a human body.

Most people in the human condition suffer from spiritual amnesia and spiritual amnesia is the cause of their suffering.

When your viewpoint shifts from that of a physical creature, to that of a spiritual being expressing itself through a physical body, you begin to live a spiritual life. That of a human being.

Going deeper still, we realize our common source. In essence we are individualized streams of consciousness emanating from a common source. Collectively we make up supreme consciousness.

Whether we call it individualized streams of consciousness emanating from supreme consciousness or souls created from God makes no difference. Ultimately, we are one. This realization changes the way we look at others as well as God.

God Consciousness or Oneness Consciousness dissolves the root of mankind’s problems. All negative thoughts and actions are based in the belief of separation.

Because we are part of the supreme consciousness, we have knowledge of it. It is simply a matter of allowing it to emerge.

Since spiritual knowledge is always for the greater good, it is always best.

So, spiritual knowledge is always available and always best. However, we are individualized having free will, therefore, spirituality is a choice.

When you choose to focus exclusively on the physical aspects of life, you create a lot of confusion. Unknowingly, you also create a lot of pain.

Ignoring spiritual truth is the cause of your suffering. By denying who and what you are, you shift your viewpoint to that of a false self. You then live a false reality. A reality of separation.

When you choose spirituality, you bridge the gap in consciousness.

There is a direct correlation between spirituality and peace. To put it another way, the primary goal of spiritual people is the greater good. Consequently, they are in alignment with the universe.

Living A Spiritual Life Is Not Hard

Negative thoughts are the manifestation of a belief system in which we believe we are separate from each other and from God.

Do you feel as though life is a struggle? Does your life experience contain a lot of unhappiness? Do you find life stressful and chaotic?

Then ask yourself this question. Do I see myself as separate from others and from God?

If the answer is yes, then you have found your problem.

Instead you can live a spiritual life. And it’s easier than you think.

Spiritual guidance is always available. We are part of the infinite, and therefore, we have knowledge of it. It is within and always has been.

A false belief that we are separate physical creatures with no spiritual connection is responsible for the spiritual block.

We can simply remove the block by shifting our viewpoint.

You are a spiritual being and deep within you know it. Realizing this will unlock the door to the spiritual realm.

You always have a choice, whether to accept or reject spirituality.

First, when you choose a spiritual life, you will live a life that is peaceful and beautiful.

Second, connecting with your spiritual essence while in the physical body, results in life working for you. All you need do, is let it.

Finally, completely uniting your spirit with your physical form is very high level consciousness. These are the people we call spiritual masters, and mastering spirituality is something we will all do. We are all in this together. Actually, we are one.

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